It’s all about me…

I started running when I was 29.  Over the last 24 years, running has helped to fulfill my endorphin cravings, has introduced me to fabulous people and has kept me playing outside.  It has even helped me through personal, tough times.

I was a young fit bricklayer when I started running; strong heart, lungs and what I thought, strong legs. In the beginning, every training run that I did was run way too fast. I thought that this was the way to do it. I had almost every overuse leg injury possible, but the really sad thing, was that my 10k race time wasn’t much faster than my training pace. I started to read as much evidence based material as I could and started to train smarter. I slowed my long runs down and I did specific speed work.  Within 18 months I took nearly 5 minutes off my 10k time. All you need to do is find something that works and stick with it.

I gave away bricklaying and pursued run coaching; I just wanted to help people realise their dreams and goals. I now have the best job in the world: I get to share their joy.

If you ask me about my personal bests, they all involve running with others to help them to run their personal bests.  I get a huge thrill out of helping others; I even get to share their endorphin rush.

If you really are a numbers person though, these are my personal bests…

  • 5k 16’38”
  • 10k 34’59”
  • Half Marathon 1:16’12”
  • Marathon 2:58’28”

I am also a…

  • Level 2 Advanced event  group run coach: Middle and long distance.
  • Level  IV personal trainer

You still can’t beat sharing someone else’s PB though.


Here it from someone else.

Presumably you are reading this to find out why you should run with Alan…

Here’s why I do:

  1. It’s fun:  Alan is a seriously funny guy and makes running just that little bit addictive with his insights and enthusiasm. I wait with barely concealed anticipation for his Monday emails inciting us to run faster and longer (sometimes slower and shorter). Usually they make me laugh out loud, which is a good thing on a Monday.
  2. He knows running:  I’m involved in elite sports and Alan is totally up to date on the technical/scientific/psychological/physiological aspects of running. This means that his programs and all the support information that goes with it actually work. Alan predicted my marathon time at the start of my 20-week program and was spot on. (I would never have even conceived the thought that I could ever run a marathon until I started running with Alan)
  3. You get better: Fitter, healthier, faster, leaner and stronger. Whatever you are looking for. That’s just a list of what happened to me. Some time ago, I played state level sport and found the running really hard and never liked it. Now, after running with Alan, I love running and the sessions are easy and enjoyable (except the hard ones which are hard and enjoyable – post-run euphoria in bucket loads)
  4. Its fun: Did I mention it was fun? I look forward to the next run all day. For more fun in your life, it’s simple – go running with Alan.

– Julie