What to do with old running shoes

People that run, usually have countless pairs of old running shoes kicking around the house. As they wear out and the cushioning starts to compress, we downgrade them; they go from the training pair on hard surfaces, down to a wet weather pair, then down to a short trail run pair. They may even become gardening or painting shoes, for some people.

The main problem though, is what to do with them next. I have donated mine for dogs to chew on, I have donated several pairs to the opportunity shop. I have also put mine in a running shoe, recycling bin, but I have also sadly thrown a lot in the garbage.

About seven years ago, I was just about to throw a pair of Asics out, when those little stripes on the side started talking to me. I pulled out a pair of scissors and a utility knife, and simply cut along the stripes. I used scissors to cut the fabric, then a utility knife to slice around the heel box. I threw the insole away and cut the tongue down. I shortened the laces, seeing there are less holes and after only fifteen minutes, I had a pair of Ruppers. This is what I call my runner/slipper, hybrid.

They are so comfy and practical, just perfect for nipping outside to the rubbish bins or washing line. They are also very durable- my last pair lasted for seven years as Ruppers. They are smart enough to leave on, when you are half way to work, and you realise that you still have your slippers on- you will get away with it, in a pair of ruppers.

You can see from the photos, that Adidas are also made to convert into Ruppers easily- you just simply cut along that second stripe.  I am sure that other brands will be easy to convert as well.

I can highly recommend giving this recycling idea a go, plus some people pay quite a lot of money for slip on shoes like these. My wife asked me to whip up a pair for her today, and the rupper family looks at home on the door step.

I’d like to thank and apologise to Asics and their Tiger stripes, for the initial inspiration.

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2 thoughts on “What to do with old running shoes”

  1. Love it!!! I think you should market it to cultures who insist on taking shoes off when going inside

  2. this is great, you know my tweenage daughter keeps asking me to buy her Birkenstocks, which I’ve always avoided. I think I will just try this instead – perhaps a christmas present surprise.

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