Group Interval Training

A one hour interval training session based at Fairview Park, Hawthorn. Experience the energy of a group speed session. I will train you in all the necessary energy systems required to make you run faster, for longer. You will only be out of your comfort zone for 30 minutes; that is all I will ask out of you. This is where your speed will come from; trust me.

Interval run training at Fairview Park, Hawthorn

Written Programs

Some people just want the one program to lead them into a race. Choose from a 10, 15 or 20 week program. I ask you to be realistic here; the 20 week would be the best choice for a full marathon. This program has a two week trial period.

Personal Coaching

I have clients that want the individual treatment; a one on one service. Some people are new to running and may lack confidence, so this service is just the ticket. Your technique and running speed will be assessed- it is amazing how many people I see that are running too fast on that long slow run. I will work out running routes for you. I will show you what your slow, medium and hard paces should be.  Check that you know how to use your watch/GPS unit/tracking tool properly. I will even make sure that you have clipped your toenails and tied your shoelaces.

This service is only available to my fellow Melbournians.

Tailored Programs

Maybe you want your own personal little group? I can organise sessions for 2-8 people; all you have to do is ask.