Safety at home

Sometimes I feel the OH &S rules get a bit out of control. There seems to be warning signs everywhere, flashing lights and fluro mesh screens. This over supply of signage desensitises people and they aren’t aware of possible dangers.

Then it comes to trampolines and now we have to have safety fences around them. Sure no one wants to break a neck, but you need to be aware of possible dangers and take some responsibility yourself. If you do happen to have an accident, don’t try and blame or sue someone else.

So in Ballarat on the weekend, just around the corner from my in-laws, I saw this excellent example of parents making the kids concentrate and be aware of possible dangers whilst trampolining. This trampoline is in the front yard of a single fronted terrace house. The kids come straight out the front door and on to the trampoline. As you can see from the spires on the fence, the kids have to really stay focussed and in the centre of the trampoline.

This is just like the good ole days; toughening up your kids. I do have visions of a little kid speared on the top of the fence, just like someone collecting insects and pinning them to a display board.

We need more of this

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